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4th $50
5th $25

Speed Bonus: First to 100 Sales $100
Speed Bonus: First to 50 Sales $50
Speed Bonus: First To 25 Sales $25

Highest EPC Day 1 (25 sales) $25
Highest EPC Day 2 (25 sales) $25
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We are using Warrior Plus adaptive platform for this launch which means you will get paid instantly for every sale you make. So you won't miss out on any of the 50% OTO sales like you might when using the old "rotating" method. All payments will be straight to your PayPal account and will come from "Local Business Marketing Services, LLC".

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Launch Price:

Personal License $7

Developer's License $17

Special Offer $17

           About The Product

The main frontend product is a WordPress plugin that helps people who are hosting list building "mini-events". It builds the "offer page" and also rotates the gifts so that your JV partners all get equal share in the clicks. We are offering two versions: personal and developer's.

We are also including some very valuable bonuses...

Bonus 1: Optin Ninja - WordPress plugin that will build squeeze pages in a snap

Bonus 2: 1,023 Subscribers in 27 Days - The original WSO that started the "mini-event" trend.

Bonus 3: HTML Mini-Event Templates - I'm including a clone of my mini-event site which includes a squeeze page, sandwhich page and download (offer) page. They can pick and choose which of these they want to use. The templates are plug and play.

Bonus 4: Complete Mini-Event Video Training - I cover all aspects and give away my secrets to running extremely successful mini-events.

            What is a list building "mini-event"?

This is a trend I started when I released the WSO called "1,023 subscribers in 27 days" which was a case study of a "new" list building technique I was using... (Note: This WSO comes as one of the bonuses to the main product)

It's a modified version of large "JV giveaway events" and "ad swaps". What I did was found a way to merge the two to have the maximum benefit for both the organizer AND the JV partners (contributors) and they are extremely easy to set up without needing an expensive script.

Fast forward to today and these "mini-events" are being held daily and Skype groups are filled with invites to them and many marketer's have been able to build a list fast using these events.

Not Guaranteeing A Reciprocal Mailing - But I Can Bring The Heat

  How To Maximize Your Earnings

1) Offer A Bonus - Offering a bonus is an easy way to increase sales. Also, if you have a "freebie" list it's a great way to get them onto your "buyer's" list by having them opt-in to your buyer's list to get the bonus after they purchase through your link.

2) Do A Video Review - A good idea would be to create a short video giving them a tip about list building - maybe explaining what a "mini-event" is. Then at the end of the video you pitch the product and your bonus.

3) Do A Pre-sell email - Sending a pre-sell email, even if it's only a few hours before the launch will help get your subcribers curious and help increase your conversions. Since our launch is at 6 PM Eastern I suggest you mail the day before at 6 PM then the morning of the launch at 6 AM Eastern and then of course at launch time 6 PM Eastern.

4) Resend To Unopens - Are you scared about emailing your list too much? This is a great way to get more sales without bothering the most responsive readers. Change the subject line and send again. This will often double your sales.

5) Mail 2 days before launch end and again on ending day - Scarcity sales!

If you need help creating a bonus or want to do a bonus interview or webinar with us for your list just get in touch with us using the contact info below.

Your Partners In Success,

If you need any help or have any questions you can contact us directly using the methods below.


Skype: Put "Adswap Assassin" in your contact request

Coby: coby_wright

Sutejo: masterclickcom


Email: Put "Adswap Assassin" in your subject line

Coby: info{-at-)

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Help Desk: Use the "Adswap Assassin" category


Phone: (800) 420-3150

Leave a message with name and number if no answer (mention "Adswap Assassin")

*The fine print: In order to qualify for the prizes you must meet any requirements listed above OR the sales amount should exceed the prize amout. We know this seems like common sense, but we just want to be transparent. We have full confidence in our products and that they will sell well, but sometimes things don't go as planned, so obviously we can't pay out a $250 cash prize if the affiliate only made $100 in sales. However, you would still qualify for up to $100 in prizes (3rd place). Only promote the product if you are 100% sure about the distribution of the prizes. Feel free to contact us prior to promoting with any questions you have. By promoting it you are agreeing to these terms. Also, you must be on the JV list in order to get the prize because this is how we will contact the winners. Prizes will be sent via PayPal and may take up to 30 days for refunds to clear before prizes are sent especially in cases where it's close between JV's racing for the affiliate prizes. However, in most cases these will likely be sent the week after the launch has ended. Mike Lantz is excluded from contest. Contest ends 12/23/2012